Jack Latoy

Jack graduated from his degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth in 2016, founding Strikers Taekwondo in the same year with 11 years’ Taekwondo experience.

Jack’s degree was heavily coaching oriented, and ensures that Strikers’ instruction is of the highest quality, utilising effective and up-to-date research and teaching methods.

Having coached students of all abilities between the ages of 4 and 70, with his largest audiences consisting of up to 100 students, Jack’s sessions promise attentive, focused training geared towards the development of the individual.

Jack began his Taekwondo training with Master Chris Hemstock (6th Dan) in 2005, earning his 1st dan after 5 years. He began competing in 2010 and holds multiple competition wins and podium places– including a gold at the 2011 European games and 2 bronze and 2 gold medals at the World Martial Arts Games in 2012. When competing as an adult for the first time in 2013, Jack won 3 bronze medals at the World Martial Arts Games.

Jack currently holds a coaching certificate endorsed by the National Martial Arts Committee (NMAC), who Strikers affiliate to, as well as an NSPCC safeguarding certificate, a First Aid in Sport qualification with St John’s Ambulance and a World Marital Arts Committee recognised coaching certificate.

Jack is passionate about the development of Strikers Taekwondo and the benefits of sports participation for both adults and children, and hopes to offer a valuable and constructive martial arts experience to all Strikers athletes.

“As a child, starting Taekwondo helped me develop confidence and fitness, as well as developing my interpersonal skills. It helped me to make friends, taught me discipline and gave me perspective. I coach Taekwondo to pass this experience on to both adults and children.”- Jack Latoy