Summer Training and School Classes

Strikers TKD beginner class practising chest block

As the school year draws to a close I have to say congratulations to all of our students at Saint Swithun’s Primary! Classes at Saint Swithun’s opened on Halloween in 2017 and the kids in these classes have worked exceptionally hard and achieved so much in the last few months.

Over the summer holidays classes will still be running as per usual with the exception of the after-school classes which will be closed. This means you can train at:

Monday 6-7pm
The Dockyard Club, Onslow Road, PO5 2NH

Friday 6-7pm
The John Pounds Centre, Queen Street, PO1 3HN

Classes will not be running on Friday the 24th of August and Monday the 27th of August.

It would be great to see our students keeping up their training over the summer and getting themselves ready for our next grading and the new academic year where they will have the chance to impress and set an example for a new intake of Strikers students!

See you in class!


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