Strikers Launch St Swithun’s School clubs!

Young female taekwondo student demonstrating a side kick

On October 30th 2017 Strikers Taekwondo were pleased to hold their first after school class at St Swithun’s primary school. So far the classes have been going exceptionally well and have been a lot of fun for both students and coaches.

When asked about the classes, instructor Jack Latoy said he was hugely impressed with how quickly the children took the martial art on board and stressed how pleased he was taking this step forward with Strikers Taekwondo.

Huge thanks have to go out to the staff at St Swithun’s and to Chirs Hemstock and NMAC for their help setting these classes up. Further thanks should be extended to Jaelithe Swan and Ellie Marvin for their invaluable help assisting in the classes.

Now we’re looking forward to continuing to work with St Swithun’s and getting the children through their first grading!

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