Strikers Taekwondo October Grading Success!

Successful Strikers students smiling and holding grading certificates in Portsmouth

On Sunday 22nd of October 2017, Strikers Taekwondo were once again pleased to welcome Master Chris Hemstock to our quarterly grading.

The standard of performance at this grading was exceptional with the highest mark of the day (70!) going to Jaelithe Swan as she earned her green belt in spectacular style.

A special mention should go out to Ellie “Luna” Marvin who achieved an overall grade of 69 but also managed to secure an impressive average mark of 8/10 for her strikes section, truly a credit to the name Strikers Taekwondo!

With no grades below 60 throughout the grading we couldn’t be prouder of our athletes. A difficult bar has been set for our next grading in January!

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